NV Grit Guard Wash Buckets

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NV Grit Guard Wash System

The NV GRIT GUARD Wash System is safest way to wash your vehicle, keeping dirt and grime away from the wash process.
This is great to use in combination with one of our heavily discounted washing kits!

The NV GRIT GUARD Wash System utilises a two bucket wash method to separate your washing solution, and rinsing water.
By using a rinse bucket to wash out dirt and grime from your wash mitt, you prevent further contamination of your wash solution, enabling a much safer and effective wash to take place.

Utilizing Grit Guards will only further decrease the likelihood of dirt and grime to contaminate your wash solution, or your washing mitts and tools.
By using Grit Guards, all loose dirt will fall to the bottom of your bucket,
and will not come into contact with your washing mitts and tools in either the rinse or wash buckets.

This separation of Wash and Rinse buckets, and the use of grit guards will minimize the chances of dirt and
grime contamination to get into your wash solutions and washing tools, and will promote a much safer and effective wash. 

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