Drive Carbon Fiber RA/Evo X Steering Wheel

$1,265.00 Including GST


Drive Carbon Fiber RA/Evo X Steering Wheel

Our carbon fibre D style steering wheel are now available! These are hand made upon order, made specifically for the Evo X and RA. The look and feel is incredible and is such a unique product that’s rare to see in another car.
Please read the ‘How It Works’ tab!

These are custom made on order, we would like to extend the customization to its full extent to you! If you have any specific request that you’d like to have, please Contact Us and well be sure to help you best we can!

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How It Works

How it works:

We have a DPP Loan wheel that we ship out to you once your order has been made. This means you can still drive and not be affected by the wait time on getting that custom wheel of yours created. We ask that you remove the airbag from your wheel before sending down to us. You will also need to install your airbag in our loan wheel as well. Once your wheel has been finished and ready for you, we need the loan wheel returned to us before we can post your product back. This does mean you will need to allow around 3 business days for this transaction of receiving and reshipping the wheels to occur. If you have any questions or requests for your wheel, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us so that we can make your idea reality!


All working steering wheel controls (Speakers and cruise control)
HAND MADE on order (please allow 3-6 weeks for these to be made and sent out)
High quality carbon and leather finish
D styled shape
You can customize coloring, material, size and even shape!


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